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Job Market Growth

The job market can be defined as a place where the employees look for jobs and the employers look for workers. The job market is not a physical place, rather, it is a concept that illustrates the interplay and interaction between different forces found in the job market. Depending on the economy of a country, there can be a job market growth or job market decline. Growth or decline in the job market can also be affected by the level of education, specific job functions or the specific industries in a given area.

There is a direct relationship between job market and the unemployment level, the reason I say so is because when there is high unemployment level then the labor supply will be more which will, in turn, affect the overall job market. When the labor supply is high, it means the employers can lower the wages or be more choosy when it comes to selecting employees. When the unemployment rate is low it will still affect the job market since wages will rise and the employees will have to compete for employees.  Cities like in North Texas and their surrounding areas have the countries best growth right now. There are definitely jobs in Frisco, Texas.


On the other hand, job market growth is a report that is usually given by the Bureau of Labor Statistics every month, the job market stats usually outlines the number of jobs that were created in the job market the previous month. When there are about 100,000 to 150,000 jobs created in the American economy where we have a new entry in the workforce, then it means there has been a minimum job market growth.

According to the job market stats released by Bureau of Labor Statistics at the end of April 2017 showed that there were 211,000 jobs provided in that month which saw the unemployment decrease by 4.4%. Job growth has been occurring in the last 78 months were April 2017 marked the 79th month. In addition to the increase in the number of those employed, the average earning also increased where income per hour was increased by seven cents.


Under this subject, there is also the topic about the Monster Employment Index which outlines the jobs that the employers are interested in filling. when the index figure is high, it means that the number of employers interested in filling jobs in that industry is few. High monster employment index can be advantageous or disadvantageous depending on the market, for example when the index figure is high in a bond market it will have a negative impact since it is likely to create inflation. However, in the stock market, a high index figure will be advantageous since it will result to the demand for jobs rising which indicates a stable economy.

Real Estate Market Trends in 2017

real estate trends in 2017

Real Estate Market Trends

The real estate market is every changing. Over the past couple of years real estate growth has begun to come back. There are some real estate market trends for this year that a person should be aware of if they are buying or selling a home.

In 2017 markets experts see a trend in the price of homes. They expect the price of homes that are selling to increase. This will be a slow increase. More people are looking to purchase homes this year than last year. There will be a small increase in the number of homes sold. Also there is a lower unemployment rate in the country so more people will have the opportunity to become homeowners. Still the prices of homes will not rise quickly. The increase in home prices cannot rise faster than inflation rates. The increase in prices shows there is some real estate market growth.

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While the Trump administration has not stated they will work directly with the housing market some of their goals are to help restore the financial state of the country. The Dodd Frank Act will make it easier for banks to lend money to potential home buyers. While there will still be qualifications that home buyers will have to meet more people will be qualified to receive approval for a mortgage from a bank. This will allow more people to purchase a home and that will help out the real estate market.

There are more homes for sale in the real estate market this year than in the previous years. While there is not expected to be an increase in new construction, more people will be selling their homes. Interest rates for loans for existing homes are supposed to remain around four percent. This is considered to be a good rate. Many people would rather purchase an existing home at this low interest rate than build a home at a higher interest rate.

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According to the experts the people that are looking to purchase a home are the millennials under the age of 36. They are the largest portion of the pool of people that are looking to purchase a home. People that were born after the year 1980 are the biggest percentage of the workforce and are the biggest percentage of the people looking to purchase a home especially a starter home.

These are some of the real estate market trends that are currently affecting the market. With the increase in buyers, the sellers will be able to charge more money for their homes. Prices will increase slowly but they are on the rise. This will show that there is an improvement in the market even if the real estate growth is slow.

Why you should move to Tennessee

Planning A Move To Tennessee?

When you plan a move there is much to remember and learn about before you actually move. You want to be prepared in every way possible. What a spectacular picturesque and historic place Tennessee is. The state is noted for the birthplace of the blues, and home to Elvis Presley, the king of rock and roll. Plus, the country music capital of the world. Tennessee has a lot to offer when it comes to their art, education, lifestyles, and music. No move lacks stress factors, but being organized and knowing what the area is like to where you are moving can eliminate much of it. Once you have decided you are going to contact a Jackson TN realtor to relocate to Tennessee, the planning begins. The state is an extremely popular location, like no other in the United States.

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If you have control over when you can move, fall and winter are the ideal times of the year to relocate to Tennessee. The reason is that the temperatures are more comfortable not so hot. However, it is a good idea to stay tuned to the radio for updates and warnings about the weather. This way it is easier to prepare for any climate, such as foggy conditions. And worse yet, in the colder weather, you need to be prepared for ice storms. If your plan is to move during the spring or summer, during those times of the year you may encounter storms or in some situations, tornado warnings are a possibility.


The state entertains numerous celebrations of festivals throughout the year, specifically between the months of April and October. So it is advisable to verify on the city’s calendar to try and elude the heavy crowds on moving day. Even though it is not mandatory for moving permits, in the larger cities restrictions may pertain. Getting in touch with the right people to get the information needed if you have to take distinct measures for your truck.

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The climate is sticky the entire year. An excellent suggestion would be to bring tarps for cover and protect any moving containers or other objects that may have to remain outside for a few hours. If you have the necessity to use storage areas after you make your move, check for mold and to be sure that space is dry. If you are a pet owner, the animals should be given at least up to ten days to adjust to the climate. There are detailed checklists and moving planners on line that are easily downloaded for your convenience so nothing is missed.


There are many diverse cities and locations to choose from when you move. And each one has its very own explicit charm. There is Nashville, known as the music city. A hub containing people and things from different parts of the world. And it is also where the king once resided. Then there is Knoxville with its multifarious architecture and dynamic arts scene. The cost of living in the state is 18.94 percent less than the US average. It also is classified as the ten most sustainable states to live in the total country. Despite the costs of medical care, buying groceries, purchasing consumer merchandise and utilities are all cheaper than the other states. The lower cost of living is primarily attributable to the affordable price of the housing market.